Ethnicity Boundaries for Iraq: Sunni Arabs , Shia Arabs, and Kurds


Above is a map that I created for an analysis that I did last year, in which I looked at the location of Syrian refugee camps in the countries of Iraq, Jordan, and Turkey. I created this map to show the distribution of UNHCR-registered Syrian refugee camps in Iraq, in relation to ethno-religious boundaries that were defined within Iraq in 2003. Although the data that was used to create the map was somewhat out-dated when the map was created, it gave me an idea of the relative ethno-religious makeup of the region, and how the refugee camps were distributed based on these factors.  The purple areas, labeled as mixed, are areas without a true majority of one group. These areas could be mixtures of Arab Sunnis and Arab Shiites, Arab Sunnis and Kurds, or Arab Shiites and Kurds.

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