The Crisis in Syria: Analyzing the Locations of Current Refugee Camps and Possible Locations for Future Camp Sites

Iraq_Refugee _Camps Turkey_RefugeeCamps Jordan_RefugeeCampIraq_Road_Proximity   Jordan_Water_Proximity JordanRoadProximity_1 SuitableAreasJordanMap TurkeyWaterProximity turkeyvillageprox


The above maps were produced as part of a project that I did last year, in which I analyzed the location of UNHCR-registered Syrian refugee camps in Turkey, Jordan, and Iraq. The goal of my study was to assess the quality of these camps based on their location to vital resources such as roads and water. Finally, I performed a suitability analysis that found suitable areas for future camps in both Turkey and Jordan, countries that I at the time felt had the both the political stability and infrastructural capability to house more refugees. Below is a link to download a Microsoft Powerpoint slide, on which I constructed a poster of my work, which was presented at the 2014 UMW Geography Symposium.


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